family storytelling

The Fire Pit is Complete

The fire pit is complete

The fire pit is complete.

But we have no chairs.

No one is selling patio furniture this year.

We have plenty of beach chairs, but Bob won’t let us use them.

They have pointy feet which will dig holes into the surface of the Hell Hole.

The surface that he labored to make level.

Bob might have to build us some Adirondack chairs.

With wide feet.

So we won’t ruin the surface of our Hell Hole.

family storytelling

The Fire Pit

The fire pit

The fire pit has turned out to be a much bigger project than Bob anticipated.

He has renamed it the Hell Hole.

This seems appropriate since it all started with a conjuring circle.

We will be ready for our inaugural bonfire by Christmas Eve.

Celebrating the holidays at the Hell Hole is a fitting tribute to 2020.

We would invite y’all over, but, well, there’s that quarantine thing.

Maybe next year we can meet at the Hell Hole.