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An Interesting Concept

I’ve been binge-reading Baldacci thrillers.

I’ve been binge-watching True Detective on HBO.

I can’t help but notice the similarities between Rustin Cohle and Amos Decker.

They both suffered devastating losses.

They both suffered brain injuries.

They both are insufferably self absorbed.

And they are both trying to do the best they can with the rotten hand they’ve been dealt.

Now I want to see a crossover where Cohle and Decker work a case together.

Marty Hart and Melvin Mars would have to show up too, to keep them from killing each other.

It could be a very interesting concept.
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Chicken and Candy

My beginning English student told me that he had eaten chicken and candy for dinner.

I hesitated a moment before I clarified that.

Who am I to judge?

Maybe he DID eat chicken and candy for dinner.

It sounds like great comfort food.

A few shots of whiskey would make an excellent dessert pairing.

I was very disappointed to find out, on questioning him, that he had actually eaten chicken and vegetables for dinner.

I am now rethinking my own dinner plans for tonight.
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I told the Grown Son that I don’t like his use of the term “Karen.”

It’s insulting.

Our next-door neighbor is Karen.

And she’s lovely.

The Grown Son confirmed that next-door Karen is not a Karen.

And neither am I.

He assured me, however, that I am still annoying, even if I’m not a Karen.

By the time he got through his long-winded, backhanded compliment, I had stopped listening.

I had also stopped caring.

Does that make me a Karen?

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At a Toastmasters Meeting

At a recent Toastmasters meeting, an interesting discussion broke out about a certain location.

I had never heard of the place.

But apparently everyone else had.

The conversation turned in a hilarious but slightly inappropriate direction.

Well, I couldn’t just let that pass me by.

I had to Google it.

And, oh my, it certainly is inappropriate.

But in an entirely different way than the conversation would have led me to believe.

Some of our Toastmasters members have some explaining to do!
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Dog Groomer

Yay – my dog groomer is back in business.

But it’s not business as usual.

It was curbside drop-off and pick-up only.

People weren’t allowed inside the facility.

I had to wait in the car, and they escorted the dog in and out.

It felt like the elementary school drop-off zone.

But without the bickering, the forgotten library books and the random lost shoe.
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A Huge Tree

I’ve got this huge tree in the front yard.

It’s out of control.

I called a tree guy in to give an estimate for service.

From a safe six feet away, the tree guy said it’s a Live Oak tree.

I kind of freaked out.

I can’t just have our oak tree trimmed in the front yard in full public view.

I need permits.

I need permission.

I will probably be refused the permit, and the tree will wreck the roof.

Eventually it will wreck the driveway, the sidewalk, the foundation and the plumbing.

And then I remembered that I don’t live in Thousand Oaks anymore.

I don’t need a permit to trim my overgrown oak tree.

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Gluten Free?

What happened to the whole gluten-free thing?

What in the world are people doing with all of the yeast?

The yeast is all sold out in all of the stores.

I have called around to Albertsons, Aldi, Target, Walmart and two different Krogers.

I finally found some today at Winco.

But it’s not packaged in the usual envelopes.

It comes in a one-pound sack.

And it’s labeled instant yeast.

Is that the same as rapid-rise yeast?

I’m having an I Love Lucy flashback to the episode where she tried to bake bread.

I need to do a Google search on how to use this kind of yeast so I don’t have a Lucy episode of my own.
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Baking Bread

Everyone has been baking bread during the quarantine.

Including me.

I already had a stash of yeast, so I didn’t need to buy any until recently.

However, it seems that all of the stores are sold out.

People are hoarding yeast like it’s toilet paper.

So I decided to shop on line.

I can’t believe the price gouging.

Sellers are charging $30.00 and more for a $3.00 packet of yeast.


I’m not playing that price-gouging game.

I’ll make do without yeast until the stores are restocked.