The Art Museum

Mostly True Memoirs

I visited the art museum the other day.

Mostly True Memoirs

The art museum

I visited the art museum the other day.

I played tourist.

There is a Monet exhibit that I wanted to see.

Bob refused to come with me.

Apparently I have tried his last nerve.

He’s done being dragged to cultural events.

Big sigh…

I pointed out that if I was his date rather than his wife, he would eagerly accompany me to the museum.

He laughed and laughed and laughed.

This, I informed him, is why boyfriends are better than husbands.

It is also why sisters are better than husbands.

However, I don’t have any sisters nearby.

I took myself to the art museum alone.

And I had a surprisingly wonderful time.

No one bugged me.

No one urged me to hurry up.

No one complained that they were hungry.

I could take as long as I wanted.

But don’t tell Bob that I enjoyed myself.

He feels kind of bad that he ditched me.

I’m gonna milk it.

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