Mostly True Memoirs

A New Tradition

The Grown Son has a new tradition.

Every weekend he sets up all the TVs in the living room.

So he can watch All The Games.

At Once.

It’s a nice arrangement.

With a little Buffalo chicken dip and some guacamole, it’s like a sports bar.

But with pajamas.

The only problem is the extension cords that are set up across the doorway.

Me:  You have to move these. I’m going to fall on my face.

Grown Son: *Eyes glued to the TV* So be more careful.

Me: *Tripping again* *That’s not gonna happen.*

I need a new approach.

Me: When I go down, I’m taking all these TVs with me.

Grown Son: *Immediately gets up and moves the extension cords to a safer location.*

Me: *Smug* *I won.*


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