Mostly True Memoirs

Happy Hour

Today my adult ESL students were discussing going to the movies.

I broke them into pairs to have a conversation.

Student 1: Would you like to meet me at 5:00 in the evening to see a movie?

Student 2: 5:00 o’clock is not evening. 5:00 o’clock is afternoon.


Me: 5:00 can be called afternoon or evening. Both are OK.

2: 5:00 is afternoon.

Me: You can say that 5:00 is too early, and you would prefer to meet later.


Yeah, I’m guessing this guy doesn’t get too many invitations.

Mostly True Memoirs

Car Chase

There was a car chase on the local DFW news.

Everyone is talking about it.

It was kind of cute.

At least by LA standards.

The suspect appeared to be very polite.

He paused at all of the intersections.

He avoided hitting any other vehicles or structures.

He was very careful, during his off-roading segments, not to damage his car.

You never see that kind of consideration in LA car chases.

When he finally stopped and got out of the car, though, he tried to run.

HAHA – nope, that’s not gonna happen.

He got sacked.

This was only mildly entertaining.

I miss LA car chases.

Mostly True Memoirs


The Grown Son was digging around in the freezer, looking for some ice cream.

He found two beers that Bob must have stashed in there to cool down.

They were frozen through and through.

Thank goodness they hadn’t exploded.

So of course I had to tell the Grown Son a story.

Long ago, when Bob was in high school, he exploded a six-pack of Dr. Pepper in my mother’s freezer.

He had put the drinks in to cool down, fully intending to take them out a few minutes later.

But he got distracted.

And disaster ensued.

I have NEVER seen my mom so angry.

The Grown Son thought this story was hilarious.

Bob, not so much…

Mostly True Memoirs


For Thanksgiving, I made enough food to feed an army.

The idea was that I wouldn’t have to cook for the rest of the weekend.

But now here we are, less than 24 hours after the holiday, and they have eaten me out of house and home.

There is not one crumb left of our Thanksgiving feast.

And they want to know what we’re going to eat for dinner tonight.

Yep, I am definitely a Mom of Boys.

Mostly True Memoirs

We Got This

Unless it contains arsenic,

or salmonella,

or E. coli,

yes, he can eat that.

To all of my fellow Type 1 Diabetes parents, let’s play a game this holiday season.

Every time someone asks, “Can he eat that?” we take a shot.

Oops, I already lost.

Yes, he can eat that.

I’ve got my eye on him.

He knows what he’s doing.

He’s a rock star.

Let him enjoy his holiday.