Cough Syrup, Regret, and Desperation.

Mostly True Memoirs

Cough syrup, regret and desperation

Cough Syrup, Regret, and Desperation

Three Reasons Not To Drink This Drink

The Grown Son was surprised that I had never tried Jagermeister.

He insisted on making me a drink.

Jagermeister and Red Bull.

He used sugar-free Red Bull.

Apparently it’s better that way.

Sorry, Kid, but that sugar-free stuff doesn’t help.

Not one bit.

The drink was terrible.

It tasted like cough syrup and regret.

With a strong hint of desperation.

Yeah, nah, I’ll pass.

I’m way past all that desperation nonsense.

I have reached that IDGAF stage of life.

Is there a drink for that?


Hatch Chiles

Mostly True Memoirs

Hatch chiles

I bought a big bag of Hatch chiles.

I chopped one chile up and sauteed it with some onions to eat in a chicken dish.

It was quite tasty, but I couldn’t figure out what the all the fuss is about Hatch chiles.

Until I roasted the rest of them.

Roasting, apparently, stimulates their inner Satan.

I discovered a tiny cut on one hand that I didn’t even know was there.

Violent cursing may or may not have ensued.

I made a big batch of salsa with the roasted chiles.

It is very tasty, but quite hot.

I’m going to have to make some chilaquiles.

Everyone knows that chilaquiles with green sauce is the BEST.


Why Being Hot Never Hurts

Mostly True Memoirs

Why being hot never hurts


Whoo – it is hot out!

Well, it’s August, it’s to be expected.

It’s hot, it’s humid, its stifling, it’s awful.

But it’s OK.

I just try to keep Debbie Harry’s profound words of wisdom in mind.

“Being hot never hurts.”


Corn. Seriously?

Mostly True Memoirs

Corn. Seriously?


I saw one of those word search puzzles.

It said that the first word I read was my heart’s desire.

I saw “corn.”

Well that’s a huge disappointment.

Fortune or True Love might have been more inspiring.

On the other hand, I do like corn.

Corn on the cob, corn bread, corn chowder, corn pudding, corn tortillas.

It’s all good.

And it’s certainly an achievable goal.

So yeah, I guess now I’ve got corn to look forward to.

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A Larry McMurtry Tribute

Mostly True Memoirs

A Larry McMurtry tribute


The Modern Art Museum is hosting a Larry McMurtry tribute all month.

They’re showing the movies and hosting a discussion.

This weekend, we went to see The Last Picture Show.

I loved the book, but I had never seen the movie.

I’m glad I went.

The movie was very true to the book.

At home I tried to watch Texasville, which is the sequel.

But I couldn’t find the movie streaming anywhere.

I watched Hud instead.

The film strayed from the book, but it was still a great movie.

McMurtry’s books were very controversial when they were first published.

My mother used to hide them.

I’m not sure if she hid them from me or if she hid them for me.

I always found them and read them.

I’m certain she knew.

She would have loved this McMurty tribute.


Good For The Soul

Mostly True Memoirs

Good for the soul

My mother always said that cleaning the house is good for the soul.

She was right.

Cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners also clears the cobwebs out of your head.

And your heart.

It is very good for the soul.

This week I have mopped floors, cleaned rugs, organized cabinets and done a lot of yard work.

Losing my dog still hurts.

Staying busy has helped.

I’m on a waiting list at several rescue facilities.

We’ll have a new pup soon enough.

The Grown Sons have assured me that the new dog will only be second best.

No dog could ever live up to Wrigley’s standards.

They say that now.

Soon enough, the new dog will be the Best Dog Ever.

In its own way.

Dog Family

Good Girl, Wrigley

Mostly True Memoirs

Good girl, Wrigley



August 3, 2005 – August 3, 2021.

Well, we aren’t really sure about her birthdate.

We rescued her on August 3, 2006, and she was about a year old, so we assigned her the birthdate.

The boys were little, and birthdays were important.

Wrigley has been with us for 15 years.

She has seen us through a lot of hard times.

She comforted both of our mothers during their final illnesses.

And she consoled the family after each loss.

She saw the boys through their teen years.

And she helped each of the boys, in turn, adjust to their T1 diabetes diagnosis.

She was the anchor in our family, and now she is gone.

The house feels adrift and bleak without her in it.

We rescued her, but I think that she really rescued us.

Good girl, Wrigley, good girl.


Broken Glass

Mostly True Memoirs

Broken glass


I’m the only one who drinks wine in my family.

I have a nice set of wine glasses that I use for company.

But for myself, I have a casual set that I got for my 26th birthday.

When we moved, I was down to three glasses.

Then I was down to two.

Now, one.

It was in the dish drainer.

And then it was on the floor in a zillion pieces.

When the last one breaks, it will symbolize the end of my youth.

I need to be careful with it.

Meanwhile, while I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, I knocked the sugar bowl off the counter.

Who knew that one small glass bowl could burst into so many glass shards?

I bet if I put them back together, I could get two or even three sugar bowls out of the debris.

What’s up with all this broken glass?

I never break stuff.

And now I’ve broken two things in one week.

Maybe I need to relax with a glass of wine.

Or maybe I need to stop relaxing with a glass of wine.

One of them is probably right.


Fight Club

Mostly True Memoirs

Fight Club


We all know the first rule of Fight Club.

Which is really too bad.

We had a great time.

There might have been a cage match between Toenails and Bamm Bamm.

Or maybe not.

There was a rumor that there was some delicious food.

Whiskey shots may or may not have been flowing.

And definitely, maybe, probably not, or certainly there was some heckling.

There’s really no way to be sure.

If you missed it, you’ll never know.

Because of that first rule.


Online Relationship Advice

Mostly True Memoirs

Online relationship advice

Terrible Online Relationship Advice – Don’t Try This at Home!

I was reading an article about online relationship advice

Bob begged me to stop reading it.

Or at least to stop reading it out loud.

But I carried on.

It was funny.

According to the article, we are in trouble.

The information seemed to be based entirely on social media breakups and badly-written romance novels.

It appeared to be written by a precocious middle schooler.

Bob continued to beg me to stop.

But I carried on.

It was funny.

Until I got to the line that urged him to “Stop being the one to fix things around the house.”

Excuse me?

I beg your pardon?

Oh, I don’t think so.

Bob has spent the quarantine fixing things around the house.

He’s detailed the cars.

He’s constructing flower beds.

He’s been knocking down wasp nests as fast as they are going up.

I finally agreed.

It’s time to stop reading this article about terrible relationship advice.

Go ahead, Bob.

Keep fixing things around the house.

I’ll be quiet now.