Here We Go Again

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Here we go again


Here we go again!

In February we had Snowmageddon.

With no power or water for days.

In March we had hail.

Baseball-sized hail with lots of property damage.

And now, in April, we have had another hailstorm.

This time the hail was much smaller than baseballs.

But the storm was relentless.

In the light of day, there doesn’t appear to be major damage in the neighborhood.

The trees and fences are still standing, and the rooftops appear intact.

The roofer is coming back to re-inspect our newly-installed roof.

Our truck is currently at the body shop being fixed up from the last storm.

I imagine if there is any damage from the new storm, their liability insurance will cover it.

That’s the third strike, Mother Nature.

You’re out.

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