Fluffy? Where’s Fluffy?

Mostly True Memoirs

Fluffy? Where's Fluffy?


Our friends are in the middle of a massive home reconstruction project.

They are living in a tiny corner of their home while the rest of the house is in shambles.

Recently, late at night, they heard their cat crying out.

But they couldn’t find Fluffy.

Had they accidentally left him outside?

Was he locked in one of the closed-off rooms?

Fluffy? Where’s Fluffy?

Using flashlights, they searched the construction zone.

Finally, they solved the mystery.

Fluffy was trapped inside of a newly-built wall.

They had to cut a hole to let him out.

In the morning, they had to explain the hole to their contractor.

Who laughed so hard that he cried.

And immediately texted pictures to all of his builder friends.

He wasn’t even mad that he had to redo the wall.

I guess that’s one way to celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day.

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