Good For The Soul

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Good for the soul

My mother always said that cleaning the house is good for the soul.

She was right.

Cleaning the cobwebs out of the corners also clears the cobwebs out of your head.

And your heart.

It is very good for the soul.

This week I have mopped floors, cleaned rugs, organized cabinets and done a lot of yard work.

Losing my dog still hurts.

Staying busy has helped.

I’m on a waiting list at several rescue facilities.

We’ll have a new pup soon enough.

The Grown Sons have assured me that the new dog will only be second best.

No dog could ever live up to Wrigley’s standards.

They say that now.

Soon enough, the new dog will be the Best Dog Ever.

In its own way.

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Yes, cleaning is always helpful I think. I have been thinking of you & know how hard it is to lose such a wonderful companion as Wrigley. You’re right nothing can take her place and we love each one that comes into our lives in a different way as each one has it’s own personality. Will be hoping to see your new family member soon.

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