Boot Season Starts Today

IMostly True Memoirs

t was a betrayal. A betrayal of the worst kind.

Mostly True Memoirs

Boot season starts today


It was a betrayal.

A betrayal of the worst kind.

It’s almost unforgiveable.

I opened the front door right over my foot.

My big toenail snapped backwards.

It was bloody and gross and painful.

Yes, I dropped a couple of F-bombs.

An F-bomb is required at a time like that.

I feel betrayed by my flip-flops.

It’s not quite the right weather to give them up in favor of boots.

But boots would never let such an insult happen.

Boots are there to protect you.

Boots would never betray you like that.

Flip-flops, on the other hand, will throw you under the bus.

Or the door.


Time’s up, flip-flops.

Boot season starts today.

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