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No Gluten-Free Humor in A Gluten-Free Diet

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No gluten-free humor in a gluten-free diet


There is no gluten-free humor in this gluten-free experiment that I am conducting

Not one bit.

I don’t mind cutting back.

But I’m not at all happy about cutting it out entirely.

I found a GF bread at Costco that’s not so bad.

There are several GF pastas that are good.

I’m rocking that parmesan risotto.

But some recipes just don’t work with substitutes.

I made some ham and cheese crepes with the Thanksgiving leftovers.

I used gluten-free flour.

Every single crepe tore and shredded.

I tried another batch with a thicker batter, but they still shredded up.

I tried a third batch with regular wheat flour, and they cooked up perfectly.

I am happy to be extremely gluten reduced.

But I just can’t eat totally gluten free.

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