Does Gluten Free Eating Have to Be So Awful?

Mostly True Memoirs

Gluten free

I am trying to eat gluten free.

It’s hard.

I’ve never met a loaf of bread that I don’t like.

Gluten-free breads are awful.

The store-bought varieties are horrible.

I’ve tried baking my own gluten-free bread, but it’s still gross.

And very expensive.

I’d rather not eat bread at all than eat awful bread.

There are some decent gluten-free pastas in the stores.

But they are very limited in variety.

I tried to roll out my own gluten-free ravioli.

With a savory filling and a spicy sauce, you might not notice the gluten-free pasta at all.

That was the idea anyway.

I followed the recipe, but the dough was crumbly and hard to work with.

An extra egg helped, but not much.

I spent all freaking day rolling out homemade ravioli, and it wasn’t even very good.

It was definitely not worth the effort.

Homemade ravioli with wheat pasta is delicious.

The gluten-free stuff, not so much.

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