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Online relationship advice

Terrible Online Relationship Advice – Don’t Try This at Home!

I was reading an article about online relationship advice

Bob begged me to stop reading it.

Or at least to stop reading it out loud.

But I carried on.

It was funny.

According to the article, we are in trouble.

The information seemed to be based entirely on social media breakups and badly-written romance novels.

It appeared to be written by a precocious middle schooler.

Bob continued to beg me to stop.

But I carried on.

It was funny.

Until I got to the line that urged him to “Stop being the one to fix things around the house.”

Excuse me?

I beg your pardon?

Oh, I don’t think so.

Bob has spent the quarantine fixing things around the house.

He’s detailed the cars.

He’s constructing flower beds.

He’s been knocking down wasp nests as fast as they are going up.

I finally agreed.

It’s time to stop reading this article about terrible relationship advice.

Go ahead, Bob.

Keep fixing things around the house.

I’ll be quiet now.  

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