I Am Very Disappointed In Myself

Mostly True Memoirs

I never remember my dreams. I am always aware that I had a vivid dream.

Mostly True Memoirs

I am very disappointed in myself


I never remember my dreams.

I am always aware that I had a vivid dream.

But it disappears before I can recall it.

Today was different.

I remembered.

I was at a dinner party.

Where they were serving Burt-Reynolds-shaped pasta.


This is what my subconscious gets up to when I’m not around?

I am very disappointed in myself.

I was certain that I could do better than that.

If anyone knows how to analyze dreams, please just pass this one by.

I don’t want to know what it means.

My only hope is that it was young Burt Reynolds.


I guess I really am as lame as my kids say.

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Oh, I would not be disappointed. The Jung approach to dream analysis that is so helpful both in recalling and analyzing dreams is to realize you play every role. It means sometimes confronting the darker side but then, that is just a basic human emotion we are all capable of.
Burt Reynolds was a brave soul during the second wave of feminism to be vulnerable enough to appear naked on the cover of a leading magazine in order to make a point about how women are exploited.
He is also a symbol of male virility, strength & certainly good looks!
I would celebrate both the dream & the remembering and hope you do more! Take what you can and leave the rest!
Your writing pal,

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