A Brilliant Opportunity For Revenge Was Dropped Right In My Lap!

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A brilliant opportunity

A brilliant opportunity for revenge was dropped right in my lap! Unfortunately, I was forced to fugedaboudit. Sigh.

A Brilliant Opportunity


Sweet, sweet Karma.

She’s always got your back.


Years ago, Bob and I had a dispute with another party.

I won’t mention the details here.

That would be petty and childish.

At the time, all we could do was forget about it and move on.

I haven’t thought about this thing in years.

The other day, Karma dropped an opportunity right in my lap.

“Hey check this out!” I chortled, interrupting Bob at work.

Revenge is a perfectly good reason to interrupt.

Bob didn’t seem to agree.

“We could -” I started.


“But it would be-”


“Why don’t we-”

“Let it go!” he stormed, but not in a cute Disney movie sort of way.


We have a brilliant opportunity for vengeance here.

Are we going to waste it with maturity and responsibility?

Apparently we are.

I may or may not have grumbled and stomped out of the room.

Now that some time has passed, I’m glad we took the high road.

Perhaps maturity and responsibility were the right choices all along.

OK, I’ll say it, he was right, and I was wrong.

But don’t tell him I said that.

He would gloat.

And that would be petty and childish.