It’s Such A Happy Gotcha Day

Mostly True Memoirs

Happy Gotcha Day to Blue

Happy Gotcha Day

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year.

Today is Blue’s gotcha day.

A year ago today we rescued the happiest girl in the world.

She had been abused, living in a cage, forced to breed.

Today she loves to sunbathe and chase rabbits and snooze on the sofa.

She’s living her best life.

And so are we.

We got her just two months after we lost Wrigley.

It seemed, on the one hand, too soon to get another pet.

But a house is so bleak and lonely without a dog.

Blue brought dog-joy back into our home.

Ninja is her favorite game.

She’s a black dog, and she blends into our black sofas.

Often, we can’t find her in plain sight.

When we hear her tail thump, we know she is hiding on the couch.

She also loves to torment our neighbor dogs.

They’ll all run up and down the fence, barking at each other.

Lately Blue has a new tactic.

She makes absolutely no noise, but she stealthily and silently runs up and down the fence, driving the other dogs insane.

She knows that when she barks I’ll call her inside, so now she does her tormenting in silence.

It’s the dog version of “I’m not touching you.”

I’ll bet she was a big sister in another life.

Blue is wildly happy every day, and it’s infectious.

You can’t help but be happy too, in the presence of so much joy.

Happy Gotcha Day, Blue!




Mostly True Memoirs



What do you think of when you hear the word “poodle?”

I immediately think of the stupid show-dog haircut.

Foo-foo, puff-balls, and bad dye jobs.

And I laugh, remembering the movie Best In Show.

But not all poodles are show dogs.

Think of the stupid-haircut-types as The Kardashians.

And the non-stupid-haircut-types as the rest of us.

We’re adopting a standard poodle.

She’ll come home to us next week.

We’re rescuing her from an abusive situation.

We’re also rescuing her from a very bad haircut.

She will look like the dogs in these pictures soon enough.

I can’t wait to bring her home.