Mostly True Memoirs

Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

Both of my sons have T1 diabetes.

I don’t need a special month to become aware.

I’m painfully aware of diabetes every single day of my life.

I vowed, on that first day, even though I was terrified, that we would simply make the adjustments and carry on.

And we have.

It hasn’t been easy.

Some days have been awful.

Diabetes is like that.

On the bad days, we make the adjustments and carry on.

Because f**k you, diabetes.

Mostly True Memoirs

Writing Tip

A question writers often ask is, “Do I have to limit myself to writing what I know?”

The answer is NO.

Writing is creative.

Stretch your mind and write on any topic you choose.

But be careful.

Your manuscript might get passed if your story doesn’t make sense.

I recently read a manuscript where the main character was a painter.

The author wrote about chiaroscuro.

But she clearly didn’t understand the notion of this artistic concept.

And she didn’t even spell it right.

I read another manuscript with Jewish characters.

But this author clearly didn’t understand Yiddish slang.

Words like “kvetch,” “schlock,” and “schmutz” were used completely out of context.

I started to binge-watch a popular Netflix series, but I had to quit.

The main character’s backstory is that he was a baseball phenom in high school.

However, there was a batting cage scene with the actor in a ridiculous batting stance.

A phenom should know how to position himself at the plate.

How in the world did this scene pass a technical edit?

I quit watching the show.

I quit watching that actor.

I’ll never get that goofy batting stance image out of my head.

The bottom line is that it’s OK to write about an unfamiliar topic.

But do your research.

Or your manuscript will get passed.

Or worse, it will get produced, and then it will become a laughingstock.

Mostly True Memoirs

Power Outage

I received a text from SCE.

They told me that despite our medical exemption from voluntary rolling blackouts, we may experience a blackout due to fire conditions.

They told me to prepare.

Apparently SCE doesn’t know that we have moved out of California.

I laughed and laughed.

Our insulin is secure in the fridge.

I don’t miss the Santa Ana winds at all.

Stay safe, Ventura County.

Mostly True Memoirs

That Clown is Haunted

The storm on Sunday was severe.

The news is reporting that seven tornadoes touched down.

One of them was as big as an EF3.

I don’t like tornadoes.

At times like this, I miss California.

All I had to worry about in So Cal were earthquakes, fires, floods, power outages and outrageous gas prices.

But no tornadoes.

The thing that is really annoying me right now is that my neighbor’s massive blow-up clown is still standing.

Seven tornadoes couldn’t take that thing down.

It’s haunted.

At least that’s what I think every morning while it watches me drink my coffee.

Mostly True Memoirs

Storm Damage

Wow – what a storm we had last night!

At first light this morning, we went outside to inspect for damage.

In the middle of the street was a large piece of debris.

It was a very wet sheet of cardboard.

Bob gathered it up and stuck it in the trash can.

That was the extent of the storm damage on our street.


A tornado touched down nearby causing significant damage.

Luckily, our neighborhood was not in the path.

I’m not a big fan of tornadoes.