Mostly True Memoirs


The Grown Son was digging around in the freezer, looking for some ice cream.

He found two beers that Bob must have stashed in there to cool down.

They were frozen through and through.

Thank goodness they hadn’t exploded.

So of course I had to tell the Grown Son a story.

Long ago, when Bob was in high school, he exploded a six-pack of Dr. Pepper in my mother’s freezer.

He had put the drinks in to cool down, fully intending to take them out a few minutes later.

But he got distracted.

And disaster ensued.

I have NEVER seen my mom so angry.

The Grown Son thought this story was hilarious.

Bob, not so much…

Mostly True Memoirs


Writing this blog is hard.

Well, the writing part isn’t hard.

It’s the blogging part that’s hard.

I am not a tech person.

There are a million things that I don’t understand.

So there I was, in the chat box with the IT guy,

asking yet another question.

We were chatting for a long, long, LONG time,

when I realized that he had already answered my question.

At the very beginning of the chat.

If only I had followed his instructions…

I’m probably the reason he’s going to drink heavily tonight.

And be late for work tomorrow.

Sorry, IT guy.

I’d like to promise that it won’t happen again.

But it probably will…