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Good Girl, Blue, Who’s My Special Girl?

Good girl, Blue, good girl


We had a good rain last night.

Blue the Rescue Dog went nuts this morning.

She spent two hours sniffing every square inch of our wet back yard.

I don’t think she’s ever experienced a rainstorm before.

She was rescued from an abusive situation.

She spent her whole life in a crate.

She never went outside.

The last couple of months she lived in a loving foster home.

They treated her very well, but we didn’t get much rain this summer.

Today may have been her first post-rainstorm sniff ever.

She was a little disgruntled that I insisted on toweling her off before allowing her back in the house.

Sorry, Blue, that rule applies to everyone.

Even the humans have to clean up before coming inside.

Good girl, Blue, good girl.

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We Named Her Blue

We named her Blue


We named her Blue.

We had a hard time coming up with this.

I wanted to give her a flower name.

The guys nixed that idea.

I suggested Monet.

She could be an impression of a flower.

They nixed that as well.

They suggested all kinds of hooker names.

Yeah, I nixed those.

Our neighbor dog who we all love is Bear.

We thought of Bear variations.

Yogi. Boo Boo. Smokey. Ted. Paddington.

What about Baloo from The Jungle Book?

We all liked that.

But when we called out the name, it came out as Blue.

The dog responded.

And so she chose her own name.

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Good Girl, Wrigley

Good girl, Wrigley



August 3, 2005 – August 3, 2021.

Well, we aren’t really sure about her birthdate.

We rescued her on August 3, 2006, and she was about a year old, so we assigned her the birthdate.

The boys were little, and birthdays were important.

Wrigley has been with us for 15 years.

She has seen us through a lot of hard times.

She comforted both of our mothers during their final illnesses.

And she consoled the family after each loss.

She saw the boys through their teen years.

And she helped each of the boys, in turn, adjust to their T1 diabetes diagnosis.

She was the anchor in our family, and now she is gone.

The house feels adrift and bleak without her in it.

We rescued her, but I think that she really rescued us.

Good girl, Wrigley, good girl.

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Wrigley Is My Muse

Wrigley is my muse


My dog hasn’t been eating.

I’ve been worried.

She is old, and not eating is a bad sign.

Last night I was cooking some chicken, and I gave her a bite.

She gobbled it down, so I gave her some more.

And some more.

She ate it all, and then she ate her bowl of kibble.

I think she’s playing me.

She’s faking that frail, old-lady act so I’ll prepare a fresh, home-cooked meal for her every day.

I guess I would do the same thing if I were in her place.

I’m impressed.

I’m taking notes so that I can follow her example in my own old age.

Wrigley is my muse.

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Her Hips are Wonky

Her hips are wonky


My Wrigley is getting old.

Her hips are wonky.

I bought a little doggy stepstool so she can continue to get up to her favorite sofa perch.

Meanwhile we have started her on some CBD supplements.

Wrigley does not like the stepstool at all.

With much newfound CBD-based bravado, she has been leaping over it.

Also, she has been listening to a lot of Sublime.

I guess the CBD supplements are working.

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National Best Friends Day

National Best Friends Day

Today is National Best Friends Day.

That means it’s a day to celebrate Wrigley.

Wrigley is the Best Friend Ever.

I know I’ve said that about every dog I’ve ever had, but this time it’s true.

Wrigley doesn’t bark, she doesn’t chew, and she doesn’t dig.

And she doesn’t shed.

She does snuggle, and she’s very, very, very cute and sweet.

She’s also very chill.

She loves a walk, but if you don’t have time, she’s just as happy to take a nap.

The downside is that she’s not a very good watchdog.

“Take whatever you want but please be quiet because I’m trying to sleep,” is what I imagine she would say to any bad guys.

It’s a good thing we’ve never had to test that out.

Happy National Best Friends Day Wrigley!

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I’ve Always Rescued My Dogs

I've always rescued my dogs


I am working a volunteer event at the Humane Society next week.

I’m doing it as a favor to a friend.

I made him promise that I wouldn’t be sent home with a new dog.

My Wrigley is getting on in years.

It would be cruel to bring home her replacement.

And make her train it.

I’ve always rescued my dogs.

I’ll rescue again.

But not right now.

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It’s Not a Bad Way To Spend a Rainy Day


What a storm we had last night!

We got an inch-and-a-half of rain.

This morning we had a few dry hours.

The Grown Son decided to take the dog for a walk during the reprieve.

He found out, much too late, that the weather app is a lying liar.

They both returned home drenched.

The Grown Son thought it was funny.

Wrigley, not so much.

I cuddled her with towels and blankets.

She continued to hold a grudge.

I gave her a peace offering of a slice of ham.

She happily accepted it, and then returned to her simmering resentment.

She is planning on spending the day snuggled on the sofa and rage sighing.

I may join her.

It’s not a bad way to spend a rainy day.

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It’s National Dog Day

National Dog Day


It’s National Dog Day.

My Wrigley is the best dog ever.

She has set the standard for all other dogs to be measured against.

And they will all fall short.

She is getting old now.

Her hearing is going.

And I think she’s losing her sense of smell.

She can’t seem to find the crumbs on the floor unless I point them out.

But she is still sweet and snuggly.

And she is the best dog ever.

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My Dog Groomer is Back in Business

My dog groomer is back in business


Yay – my dog groomer is back in business.

But it’s not business as usual.

It was curbside drop-off and pick-up only.

People weren’t allowed inside the facility.

I had to wait in the car, and they escorted the dog in and out.

It felt like the elementary school drop-off zone.

But without the bickering, the forgotten library books and the random lost shoe.