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It’s National Dog Day

National Dog Day


It’s National Dog Day.

My Wrigley is the best dog ever.

She has set the standard for all other dogs to be measured against.

And they will all fall short.

She is getting old now.

Her hearing is going.

And I think she’s losing her sense of smell.

She can’t seem to find the crumbs on the floor unless I point them out.

But she is still sweet and snuggly.

And she is the best dog ever.

dog storytelling

My Dog Groomer is Back in Business

My dog groomer is back in business


Yay – my dog groomer is back in business.

But it’s not business as usual.

It was curbside drop-off and pick-up only.

People weren’t allowed inside the facility.

I had to wait in the car, and they escorted the dog in and out.

It felt like the elementary school drop-off zone.

But without the bickering, the forgotten library books and the random lost shoe.

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Training the Dog During the Quarantine

training the dog during the quarantine


The Grown Son has been training the dog during the quarantine.

“Bark twice if you see a virus.”

So far, the dog hasn’t barked.

And we are all healthy.

It worked!

I guess the thousands and thousands of viewings of Anchorman have finally paid off.

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The Dog Barked

the dog barked


The dog barked to go out at 5:00 am.

Bob dealt with it.

When I got up some time later, I expected to find the coffee brewed.

I was bitterly disappointed to see that Bob had fallen back to sleep on the couch.

And there was no coffee.

The beauty of not getting up with the dog is the expectation of hot coffee waiting for me.

Bob laughed and laughed and laughed.

Yeah, happy Leap Day to you too.

I’ll get my revenge.

On the next Leap Day.

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A Big Storm is Moving In

a big storm is moving in


A big storm is moving in.

My dog is pacing nervously.

I already know how the rest of my day is going to proceed.

She is going to sit in my lap, fearful, while I try to work on my keyboard around the trembling.

Yep, we’ve been down this road before.

My girl does not like thunderstorms.

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Playing With The Dog

playing with the dog


I sat down to play with the dog, and I noticed that the floor was gross and could really use a mop.

It kind of made me regret playing with the dog.

HAHA just kidding!

I never regret playing with the dog.

Mopping the floor, however, is nothing but a crushing disappointment.

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My Poor Little Dog

my poor little dog


My poor little dog.

She’s never been accused of being bright.

We got a new doggie door that makes a little whooshing noise.

This scares the daylights out of the poor little doggo.

It took us ages to train her to actually use the door.

Today something has spooked her, and she’s afraid of it all over again.

She just got groomed.

She had a significant amount of fluff removed.

She has no more padding.

I think that the door is hitting her a$$ on the way out.

I guess that would spook anyone.

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Tornado Sirens

The tornado sirens were going off.

We had plenty of warning.

This storm was predicted.

Our shelter was prepared.

We had blankets and pillows.

A leash for the dog.

Extra cables and batteries for the phones.

An ax and a crowbar in case we need to claw our way out.

I even made a point to wear shoes and socks instead of flip flops.

In case of rubble.

But there was one thing that I hadn’t prepared for.

My socks were the kind that sagged under my feet with every step.

Sock bumps!

This is going to seriously impede any kind of rescue effort.

I don’t know which is worse – sock bumps or tornadoes.

At any rate, the storm passed over us without incident.

My first plan of action was to change my socks.

Now I’m ready for the next round of tornado sirens.

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How the Tables Have Turned

Oh, how the tables have turned.

We were in the midst of a major rainstorm.

It had been gray and rainy all morning, but suddenly it turned pitch dark.

The wind began to howl.

And the rain started pelting in sideways.

My little dog was freaking out.

My last dogs were German Shepherds.

They would have stood guard to protect me, barking at the storm.

But not my little Wrigley.

She was trembling in fear, burying her snout in the crook of my elbow.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

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My Poor Little Wet Dog

My poor little wet dog.

She’s a Southern California gal.

She’s not used to these cold and wet North Texas mornings.

When she comes back into the house, she is always soaking wet.

I make her lie down on the doormat while I dry off her soggy paws.

She really hates this.

It’s torture, apparently.

Today she tried to run off and escape the dreaded towel.

However, because she was wet, she slipped on the tile and plowed into the wall.

Yeah, I laughed.

That’s what she gets for trying to shirk her responsibilities.

Poor little doggie.